[21-08-2017] Morata Was in an Embarrassing Situation 2-1 victory over Tottenham, Chelsea won the first season of the new season. But a victory can not cover up the team's problem, Conte also need to think about a key topic: how to solve the problem of w

[14-08-2017] Lukaku Has Proved His Value This summer, Manchester United entangled in transfer of Morata for a month with Real Madrid, and ultimately they chose to give up to grab Lukaku.

[09-08-2017] Ibrahimovic May Renew With Manchester United Last season, due to injury Ibrahimovic failed to contract with Manchester United.

[03-08-2017] FIFA18 released the legendary star ability score In the information released by FIFA18, Ronaldo's total ability is 94, a certain ability value is: speed 93, dribble 93, shot 93, defense 46, passing 80, body 80; Maradona complete potential value 95,

[03-08-2017] Real Madrid Is Urgent to Buy a Striker Real Madrid and the US Major League star team in Chicago played a warm-up match.

[02-08-2017] FIFA 18 UT famous professional trailer legally announced, 16 legend debut FIFA 18 famous celebrity trailer final announced that, as of now, EA sports has introduced 16 famous stars. Sixteen famous players are: Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Maradona, Henry, Yaxin, Bailey, Gullit, Rob

[28-07-2017] Scotland was fined by FIFA Because the team fans suspected of June 1 this year against England before the World Cup match hush the British national anthem, the Scottish Football Association by FIFA (FIFA) fine of 4,000 pounds.

[27-07-2017] Pique If the chairman of FIFA, I want to modify the existing referee system If you later became president of FIFA, how would you change the rules of football? I want to change the referee system. The referee's pressure in the game is too big. In order to be able to eliminate

[26-07-2017] FIFA high defensive technical guidance High defensive is not necessarily to play a defensive counterattack, and sometimes like Barcelona or Bayern Munich team, they are like a rhythm control in their own hands in the team, let the other fo

[25-07-2017] Bashuya FIFA does not raise my ability to play live In September 2016, Chelsea striker Bashuyayi has been complaining about his FIFA game ability is too low, especially for the company set the passing ability of the company was obviously dissatisfied.

[24-07-2017] 1st new league for FIFA 18 confirmed The brand new league announcement in the football game can be a large point - before the brand new season's big license arms race, EA Canada's first blood, the German third sector came to FIFA 18 year

[21-07-2017] A number of giants violated contact with Mbapimono or appeals to FIFA Monaco striker Mbapi has been the object of many European giants, but Monaco is not willing to easily let go, they accused the team illegally contact Mbapi, and even do not rule out the possibility of

[20-07-2017] EA announced, FIFA 14 game servers will be completely shut down in October buyfifa18coins latest news. FIFA soccer game server 14 will be closed in a few months. Although many players every year into a new generation of FIFA games, but there are many players still playing th

[19-07-2017] Milan star play FIFA, Donald Rama patience to the fans signature AC Milan's four new aid arrived in Guangzhou, enthusiastic to the fans signature. Here fans have just been met, the other side of the benefits of renewed. In the official partner DIESEL arrangements,

[18-07-2017] FFA intervention delay Joint delegation of FIFA and the Wok cookware Football Confederation delegation appear in Australia in late September, to repair the rift between your split stakeholders, and stop the stalemate in the

[17-07-2017] Predict fifa18 first rate player score The goalkeeper is inevitably the last line of defense for any football, and is the last straw to avoid losing the target. It is not surprising, therefore, that managers around the world are willing to

[15-07-2017] Exposure FIFA decision Nei Maer transfer legal As we all know, Nei Maer in 2013 to 57.1 million euros worth of joining Barcelona, when the transfer after the announcement, Barcelona and Santos on the trouble between the transfer dispute. Santos be

[14-07-2017] FIFA ranking Germany back to the top FIFA announced the latest issue of the world rankings, just won the Confederations Cup in Germany after two years to return to the world first, Brazil and Argentina separated two or three, Portugal ro

[13-07-2017] FIFA determined that Neymar move to Barcelona legitimate home team dismissed the prosecution allegations According to the agent Nemal brokerage Brazil N & N consulting firm revealed that Nemal transferred to Barcelona process is legal, FIFA dismissed the Santos club against Nemal, Nemal father and Barcel

[12-07-2017] Only a few lucky players will test the FIFA 18 beta The premiere of FIFA 18 is falling and the date of departure will coincide with the beginning of the European leagues by the beginning of September but if you are one of the fans and loyal fans of the

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