Be Better in Passing A Ball in FIFA 18

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Straight plug ball simple and rude, but also rich in knowledge, is the best way to tear the other defense line passing. To send a nice straight plug, you need to meet the following conditions.

Two or more players keep pace; catch the ball player is accelerating and approaching each other the last line of defense; passing the direction of the passing of the ball and the ball between the two lines of the angle less than 45 °; There is no defensive player in the range; there is no defensive player in the range of 1 meter near the ball.

To achieve the above conditions, you can send a beautiful straight plug the ball. The ball player to get straight plug ball, no need to pass the ball as the ordinary pass the ball to stop the door, because the general straight plug the ball is sent to the player in front of the ball, so the ball can immediately kicker shot.

Buyfifa18coins know that there are a lot of players to play FIFA will be used to open the door when the ball to the low level of the ball to the nearby defender. The previous version, you can do so, but in the "FIFA18", you have to be careful.

Because this generation if you choose the default formation, defense station will be partial, so when you pass to the guard, easy to be the other side of the striker successfully grab.

In order to prevent this situation, you have to hold down the LT key, call a goalkeeper is facing the rear players come to catch the ball. But this approach has a flaw, that is, will waste 1 to 3 seconds time, if you want to quickly open the door, playing a sudden raid, then there will be delays in time, is not conducive to attack.

So open the door, it is recommended that you are open to the two wings, this will be faster, if the demand is stable, then you call a defensive player, the ball passed to him, and then slowly pass too The ball is delivered to the front.

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