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Crossing tips for FIFA 18 help you Learn about all the different types of intersections, including dangering, lobbed, searching and flogging. These crossing tips are new to FIFA 18 and will come soon.

Normal cross
Still performed by holding your crossroads/lobbed pass button. EA has changed the way it flies this year with more whips and faster beats than last year.

High cross
Press the L1/LB button for execution of the cross. Instead of the early crossover last year, there was a tall player in the farthest position, and you already had a box full of players. If you have high jump Numbers, this gives them the chance to skip other players in the box.

Low cross
This can be done in two ways. First, press the passively pass button and the cross button. Second, double-click on the cross button (three times as much as last year). It is best to use when a player enters the ball and has space to send the ball to the player's floor. We prefer the drive crossover method at the time rather than double click.

Early cross
To press the L1/LB button. This year you will use the left stick to target the box and then use the cross button. When no one was around, it was nice to get the ball into the clearing.

Use these FIFA 18 techniques to help you score more goals from the cross. These are just very basic techniques, but we also have more charts and expert tips from the top 100 FUT champions in the FIFA 18 game playlist.

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