Caldara is Ready to Join Juventus

Caldara thinks it is a right decision to choose to in Atalanta for a season in stead of joining Juventus immediately.

To some degree, it' s pity that Atalanta did not win on Saturday and then they can achieve a goal, so Caldara think when they face Empoli, they will strive for an ideal result at this weekend, although that game will not be easy. This season Atalanta performed very well, even though they did not even believe in themseleves that they got the qualification of the war in Europe.Everything made them more confident as time went by.


Caldara has a year' s contract with Atalanta so he can not refuse Atalanta Caldara think staying here for a season can help him prepare for joining Juventus. Anyway Juventus will not wait for anyone, so he has to be prepared.

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