Exchange House in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

In the exchange house, you can buy the player card, consumable card, club props card and club card. Here the most important thing is to buy a player card, consumable card. The exchange purchase card is in the form of an auction, usually the system and the real players sell these cards.

In general, the player can freely define the starting price and buy price. Starting price is within 1 hour, all players to bid on the card, in the 5-minute auction limit to zero, by the high price of this card brand. And as to buy price, you do not have to wait for 5 minutes in the past, you can immediately use a price to buy this card.

On the auction offer, a quote is higher than 250 tokens the previous offer. If the auction price at this time is consistent with buy price, you can no longer offer, and this card is given to a price of the players.

The usual system will only sell consumables cards, clubs, and club cards, because the cards are consumed so much when you see them at the auction. You will find their starting price and buy price is the same.

So you do not need to hurry up to buy these cards, usually wait until the time less people to play. You can use the starting price to buy these consumption cards.

You want to buy black gold, gold, blue gold player card, it is more difficult. Finally you are a price "spike" it. After all, the starting price player set is very close to buy price.

FIFA 18 is on sale not long, so the exchange price is generally high. It is more recommended players to open package cards.

As long as after a month or two, all players have a good card in the hands of this time. The ability to value between 80 to 90 among the special player cards, you can basically have about 20,000 tokens. The ability value of 90, you may spend doubled price, so do not rush to market.

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