FIFA 18 Exposure Interface Desigh Concept

Recently, James Culverhouse released a video on Youtube, announcing some of the design cencepts he was working with EA on FIFA 18.

With FIFA 16 using the green and cyan, FIFA 17 uses yellow and black, this FIFA 18 may use pink and dark blue as the main colors of the interface. It’ s worth noting that Paul Pogba is not necessarily FIFA 18 cover spokesperson as the material appears because it is a concept map. The HOME interface is not much different from before. Football journey still in the FIFA 18. Somewhat surprising is that FIFA Street will likely return to FIFA 18 as a DLC.

In accordance with established practice, FIFA 18 will be announced on the eve of this year' s E3, then we will know what new surprises are brought from FIFA 18. And we are selling  FIFA 18 Coins on online shop


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