FIFA 18 Journey Mode and Player Mode

Choose position that you are good at. In the soccer journey mode, you can only choose ST, CAM, RW, LW. While the player mode can also be a defender or a goalkeeper.

Striker is in the front, the first line of the team attack. The main task is to attack each other for scoring. When defensing they should be in the front or retreat to the midfield to block the other party's attack. If necessary, go back to the side half to help defense.

Wing front: winger not only assumes the responsibility of the wing attack, but also complete a variety of tactical tasks by transposition transposition.

Midfield: midfield in the middle of the stadium activities is responsible for connecting forward and defender, as in the right figure in the blue position. Their main function is to keep football control in one's own, to opponents to intercept the fight for the ball, making the offensive, as well as the goal. Some midfielder is acting as defensive strong position, and some midfielder is serving as an opportunity to create an opportunity to move forward.

Defender: you should not choose this in Journey mode. The main task is to defend, grab and stop each other's attack. Try to attack from defensing when organizing to attack, pass the first ball. In the whole attack the whole defense of the play is hidden in the back of the offensive force.

Goalkeeper: you should not choose this in Journey mode. Goalkeeper is a team's last line of defense. The main task is to guard the goal not to enter the ball. By the defensive attack, the use of fast, accurate passing organization to attack. It is the only player who can handle the ball with hands in the penalty area.

Recommendation: when playing football journey mode, it is recommended that players play as CAM, so you can get more chance to catch the ball. Naturally you can get a score opportunity, so you can improve your score.

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