FIFA 18 Squade Building With Player selection

First of all, popular star players are naturally expensive. The initial proposal is in addition to the black card, all the gold card player prices should be controlled below 6000. Because the gold card will continue to devalue in the course of the game, and ultimately the lowest prices in the end will become worthless. The gold card is only for transition. Buyfifa18coins only pursue cost-effective data, even if the player is Messi, the rating is beautiful. If he is or not a star actually does not matter.

First of all you must set up who is your core in team. Buyfifa18coins found Martinez through FUTHEAD. We analyze the attributes as a striker:

2 speed, agility, controll and dribbling the ball (control comfort, whether twisted up), the pursuit of SM players concerned about the skills of action, I twisted not very well here, or just pragmatism.

The ability to end, attack to walk, strength, bounce, header accuracy, these are the indicator of considering a striker shooting ability.

This shows that this card is really high cost card. Although the height is only 170 +, the 99 bounce and 92 header accuracy and offensive walking and single-pole ability reflect he is very strong. So I created a team with this player as the core.

According to the above data to judge each position of the players, the distribution of attributes is reasonable as a practical array of core ideas, rather than simply look at the card on the 6 values ​​and comprehensive evaluation, those who are deceptive. This is why FIFA 18 detailed data is in the introduction of the menu.

And then it does not have to play the league with 10 players to play together. A lot of new players think it is to set all from a league player. Although it is convenient, a striker like this is not easy to introduce the front of the front line. So it is particularly cheap.

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