FIFA18 released the legendary star ability score

In the information released by FIFA18, Ronaldo's total ability is 94, a certain ability value is: speed 93, dribble 93, shot 93, defense 46, passing 80, body 80; Maradona complete potential value 95, ability The values are: pace 88, dribble 95, shot 91, defense 42, pass 90, body 75.

In the game can be seen in the digital point of view, Maradona is a victory. Even if these values are as close as possible to the details, the goal is actually challenging. Do not say anything else, get the value of the body, Ronaldo 80 and Maradona 75 greatly reduced. Do not turn the huge physical strength of Rome into metamorphosis, whether it is really explosive or physical confrontation are fear of heaven; and Maradona despite the height of only one meter 68, but the whole body is strong, but the height Guard who suffered.

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