First Impressions on FIFA 18

FIFA 18 will release tomorrow. But now some players have early access to FIFA 18. so buyfifa18coins did. The following is our first impressions of it, accompanied by a full match.

FIFA has done very well in our testing machine (Intel core i7 4930K and NVIDIA GTX980Ti). Our GTX980Ti can handle this football match in 4K, and it lasts 60fps under maximum Settings. However, for some strange reasons, all the cutting scenarios are locked in 30fps. From its appearance, the game force clip scene runs at half the frame rate of the refresh rate you choose. This may explain why the game is running at a speed of 120 FPS, with a screenshot scenario running 60fps at 1080p.

In contrast to Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, our Thrustmaster 2-1 trigger doesn't work properly in FIFA 18 (there's no confirmation of the correct stick). Therefore, we have to use the Xbox One controller, and the older version of the operating system. Owner may encounter compatibility problems.

Unfortunately, FIFA 18 is similar to FIFA 17. Yes, FIFA 18 is better than FIFA 17. Ea sports have solved some problems and added some new features (such as a quick replacement, really great). But FIFA 18 feels like an updated FIFA 17, without much more. In addition, most of the problems that plague all previous FIFA games still exist here.

Compared with its predecessors, Pro Evolution Soccer has made more progress than FIFA 18. However, in most cases, FIFA 18 is still the best football game. By better, the pacemaker feels more realistic, the players have better physical contact, and we don't see any input lag. The good news for everyone is that PES 2018 has shrunk the gap between them. So hopefully they will all be better next year.

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