Ibrahimovic May Renew With Manchester United

Last season, due to injury Ibrahimovic failed to contract with Manchester United. Although Ibrahimovic still stays in Carrington for rehabilitation, he and Manchester United's future has been no clear progress. However, recently buyfifa18coins news exposed that Ibrahimovic is likely to renew with Manchester United, staging the King returning.

Ibrahimovic is close to reaching a new contract with Manchester United. Before this, Manchester United coach Mourinho expressed he was waiting for Ibrahimovic's return. This time before the European Super Cup, Mourinho clear expressed that compared to other teams, Ibrahimovic is more inclined to Manchester United. This also shows that the two sides have a certain degree of progress on the renewal of the intention.

Ibrahimovic played 46 times last season on behalf of Manchester United, scored 28 goals, becoming the first striker in Manchester United. But he was injured in the European Cup, is expected to only wait until January 2018 injury recovery in order to come back, which also led to Manchester United to give up the Ibrahimovic contract in the priority of the terms of a year.

It was expected that Ibrahimovic to recover in January next year, but after three months of recuperation, Ibrahimovic's recovery rate was significantly faster than expected. Not long ago, Ibrahimovic agents said that Ibrahimovic may come back in advance in October this year, Manchester United is also more confident of him. The possibility to reach a contract may also greatly increase. Ibrahimovic is very suitable for Mourinho's good use of strong center tactical characteristic, if the renewal smooths, Ibrahimovic and Lukaku's combination is also expected, Manchester United lineup strength may be further enhanced.

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