Leon Goretzka Legendary Ratings

He had a good feeling for a big man. The ball is tightly touched, the first touch is reliable, and he can easily stop and turn. He dribbled very smoothly in the match and was not clumsy at all. It was really effortless to glide across the field.

Shooting: 8/10
From a distance, he was deadly. He had a few long shots with him, and they all came in. In the box, the sorting is a bit weird, but he lets their goals win a corner of us or create a chance to bounce back. He was very, very good, and he made a couple for me (with jumps, altitude and azimuth accuracy).

Passing: 9/10
He probably had only two assists, but he was an integral part of my midfield. His distribution is of high quality. Short and long pass, very, very good, his pace, his passing is very effective. He can play the players easily, and I'm sure he will help if I move further.

Defending: 9/10
The solution is perfect. His pace, long legs and decent strength and aggression, he could deprive anyone. He was also efficient, not giving up too many fouls, or losing a lot of attacks. Intercepting is also very good, and so does his mark - he reads the game and effectively covers his opponent. His goals are so accurate that he can easily score goals and register titles on target.

Physicality: 10/10
This is where he is in charge. He felt much more powerful in the game, and his aggression and long frame meant he was like a tank in the game. He had a hard time bullying the ball and confronting every player he faced. He had good stamina, so he kept running until the last minute, which made him very useful at the end of the game.

Leon Goretzka is an incredible all-round player and a true midfielder. Buyfifa18coins does not believe you can do better than him. His theatrical style and attributes are really good this year, and he's performing is better than his game rating.

A week before the official launch date, I'll try to check as many players as possible. If you have any suggestions for the player to check, or if you have any questions about the player, please feel free to comment or send a text message to buyfifa18coins's feedback.

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