Manchester United Need to Do More

In the just concluded UEFA Cup semi-final round match, Manchester United 1-1 draws against Celta at Trafford, with a total score advantage scrambling to qualify for the final.However, Roy Keane think that the team's performance is not good enough. Despite the old club joy of winning, Keane still pointed out that Manchester United's full of luck, the team's performance to win the championship must be further.

Manchester United,they have successfully advanced to the finals is sure and they have been working on goals for months. The team should control the situation after in the total score 2-0 lead, relax the mind, playing a little more freedom, this is like home Manchester United look. But today they lead after playing so hard.Celta controls the situation of the game, and they are in close proximity until the last minute.

Roy Keane think, Manchester United' s problem is not just tonight' s game, they are slightly less than the number of goals throughout the season. They need to do more. In the end, if you want to buy FIFA 18 Coins, you should choose our site

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