Pepe May Stay in Real Madrid for Another Year

According to news that Real Madrid defender Pepe's contract will expire in the summer. Many Premier League teams are interested in signing the veteran. In order to let Pepe stay in Bernabeu, Real Madrid is expected to provide him with a one-year renewal contract.

As Pepe will be free in the summer, Manchester City and Chelsea are hoping to sign the Portuguese defender to supplement the defense. In 2016 Pepe in the club and the national team, respectively, won the Champions League and the European Cup trophy, and also selected the FIFA best 11 lineup. In the summer Pepe is undoubtedly the hot player in the transfer market.

As Kolarov's bad performance, Guardiola know that he can not rely on them to play those key games. After the introduction of high-priced Stone, Guardiola need to sign a top defender to partner with Stone, and with other teammates to compete with a starting position. Chelsea also wanted to sign Pepe to supplement the defense.

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