Pique If the chairman of FIFA, I want to modify the existing referee system

If you later became president of FIFA, how would you change the rules of football? I want to change the referee system. The referee's pressure in the game is too big. In order to be able to eliminate miscarriage of justice, less controversy, I would like to introduce some scientific and technological means, they will do better than the referee. It seems that you were dissatisfied with the referee last season? Yes, some games I am very dissatisfied with the referee. However, I have long forgotten (laughs). Soon, the new season is about to start, I have to completely change their own ideas, do not think about some negative things. You in the next event will encounter many fans, you want to give them what kind of impression? I want them to think that I am a man for a companion. I am in every game with the confidence to win, I believe that every teammate, I want the fans to see good-looking game. This belief is very important to me, I hope the fans can understand.

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