Real Madrid Is Urgent to Buy a Striker

Real Madrid and the US Major League star team in Chicago played a warm-up match. They got a 1 to 1 in 90 minutes. Real Madrid 4 to 2 won in penalty shootout, but the performance is still not satisfactory, and Real Madrid in the offensive showed the fatigue is also worrying.

In the game Zidane arranged young player Mayoral kicking as center, although he made a goal in the second half, the overall performance in general did not catch the team's rhythm. The performance can not be convincing. Mayoral had little chance in the game. Then Bale replaced Asensio, Benzema replaced Mayoral, but the performance is still in general.

Benzema and Bale has more than 1,000 minutes failing to score. The games against Manchester United, Manchester City, Barcelona and the US Major League Star teams made their goal drought more serious. Bale has not scored for 725 minutes, his last goal was on February 26. The fans' dissatisfaction with him also increased. Benzema has also scored no goals for 333 minutes, and his last goal was on May 21. Benzema's goal drought is mainly concentrated in the preseason. The two together have a total of 1058 minutes without a goal.

From the 2016-17 season until now, the combination of Benzema and Bale can not say prolific. The two played together 1388 minutes, 15 games and a total of 10 goals. That is to say each person scored 5 balls. This data is difficult to match the identity of CR7 partners.

CR7 is 33 years old, and last season are no longer adhere to full appearance, and he also began to play the center position. In the new season his rotation will be longer, but Bale and Benzema did not step forward. They not only did not assume more responsibility, but given the worst data. At the same time, Mayoral is also difficult to get the trust of the coaching staff. Now Real Madrid fans asked Florentino to introduce a super striker, and Mbappe is the best choice. From the current situation, the introduction of a striker is already an urgent matter.

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