Switch Version FIFA 18 Rated Low In IGN

Recently IGN gives the Switch version of FIFA 18 score, score 5.5 points. IGN said Switch version of FIFA series elements have been streamlined. The game experience can only be considered barely okay. This makes people reminiscent of FIFA in the performance of the Nintendo platform, it seems that the previous generations are shrinking versions.

IGN gives the evaluation as following:
Ultimately, FIFA 18 on the Switch platform is still just a wish of what could have been. Shrink game mode gives us a sense of going through the entire game process, it can not do as the PS4 / Xbox on the full version. If you only want to play single mode or local online mode game, then Switch version can do it. If you have already played this function on other platforms, you will find that the Sunday League in the game is so much diluted that buyfifa18coins.com can not recommend it to you.

And as FIFA 18 producer Andrei Lazarescu also came out to explain the reasons for the decline of Switch version. Lazarescu said the development team worried that too much content will make players feel overwhelmed who do not have access to the series of Switch. After all, these content in the past several works was slowly joined.

Lazarescu said if you look at the dream team in Sony, Microsoft and other platforms on the history - he remembered correctly that it is about seven-year. When facing of Switch users, he said that if all of a sudden threw everything into a new user groups, the results may be difficult to come out.

If it is really the same as what the developer said, buyfifa18coins.com only expect them to update the game soon. In the end, if you want to buy FIFA 18 coins, buyfifa18coins is the best store to buy from, cheap and fast.

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